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Spring Blooms at Wānaka Lavender Farm

pink cherry blossom flowers outlining the shop building, sleeping lavender bushes near entrance

Spring is a transformative season here at the farm and it's pretty exciting to see new blooms coming through after a sleepy winter.

Often seen as the promise of spring, snowdrops are the first buds to show up. Following them, and to really kick off the season, the daffodils appear yellow and bright and are able to stand through some of the frosty nights and snowy days in September.

After that, it's the ever-popular cherry blossom trees' turn to flourish, and they are always a delight bringing some beautiful blush colours to our surroundings. Spring in Wānaka is stunning thanks to these trees! Before long though, the fresh green grass ends up blanketed by the pink petals, ushering in a new collection of blooming plants.

Tulips and rhododendrons start off showcasing some bright, cheerful colours, as well as giving off wonderful aromas and bringing our gardens to life. Then the gypsophila and our creatively named "White Garden" will add some more depth to the flower gardens and highlight the peaking of springtime.

At the end of spring and beginning of summer, our wonderful wisteria grows around our tea garden, the first of the purple flowers to bloom.

wisteria growing in tearoom garden at wanaka lavender farm, green grass and trees surrounding

It's not only flourishing flora that announces spring at Wānaka Lavender Farm. The little lambs that join our farm family at this time of year are also indicative of new beginnings and the sweetness of the season ahead.

The resident animals at the farm are taken on when they are orphaned or looking for a new home. So although we don't breed sheep to give us new lambs every spring, we do take on around 3 babies each year and make sure they are happy and healthy!

spring Wānaka meand lambs - running baby lambs in a field with horses and donkeys in the background


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