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Each season brings something different to explore at the farm, so check out some of the highlights below.

If you get the opportunity, pop in to Wānaka Lavender Farm at different times in the year to see the many seasonal changes.

child smelling lavender
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September - October - November

Spring is a beautiful time at the farm as life starts to grow back and the grassy fields become a lively green. Each day sees new plants waking up and a fresh smell in the air. Daffodils, bluebells and the blossom trees are the first to greet us during springtime, quickly followed by other amazing vibrant flowers such as tulips and rhododendrons.

Our resident animals have a spring in their step this time of year with lambs being born and joining the family. The chirping of young birds and the buzzing of the bees are also something we love during these months.


Spring is the perfect season to enjoy a relaxing lavender tea in the tea garden, as the sun starts warming up. The purple wisteria vines climbing up our trellis are quite the sight to behold, and makes sitting outside like being part of a daydream. At this time, the first of the lavender will also be making an appearance around the tearoom.

Wānaka lavender feilds
child running through lavender


December - January - February

Summer is the season that everyone's been waiting for at Wānaka Lavender Farm, where we get to enjoy the enchanting purple haze of the flower fields. Our lavender are at their best when they have plenty of sunny days, and you won’t want to miss the views and the fragrances that are present during these warmer months. 


Not only are all the lavender rows beautiful to meander through, but many other flowers around the gardens are also in full bloom. Making our place a nature lovers’ paradise at this time of year. Take a walk through Mum’s Herb Garden and identify new plants as the fresh herbs give off mouth-watering aromas.


With beautiful blooms, come buzzing bees. The honey bees at Wānaka Lavender Farm stay busy through summertime by collecting nectar from the lavender and turn it into our unique lavender honey… which you can then taste in our tearoom!


From January to March, you can check out our distilling process - that is, how we turn the flowers of the lavender plants into essential oil. You are able to test those oils in our farm-shop after your walk around the farm.


Our delicious lavender-infused ice creams are available to cool you down after your adventures through the fields. You are most welcome to indulge and relax in our tea garden.



March - April - May

The magic of summer carries over into the beginning of autumn, and for another few weeks before the colder weather hits. So lavender will be present for some of this season and our other favourite flowers, roses and dahlias, will be thriving. Not to mention, Mum’s Herb Garden will still be showing off spectacular herbs and their aromas. 


As we get further into autumn, the leaves of the trees will start to change and bring an amazing array of colours to Wānaka  Lavender Farm and its views. The days of falling orange leaves and dropping walnuts are some that make us and our guests really appreciate nature's cycle.


The tearoom and farm shop are open so guests may continue to enjoy our lavender goodies when visiting!

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family fun on purple tractor


June - July - August


By the time winter comes around the blooming fields of lavender have taken their leave until the frosty weather is over. So though there aren’t any flowers to see during this season visitors still find joy in exploring Wānaka Lavender Farm and appreciate its dormant beauty. Our giant games are scattered throughout, so whether it’s clear blue skies or a rainy afternoon, you can always have a little fun with those.

Only during this season can our guests hand-feed our adorable alpacas and sheep. So come by and say hi to our awaiting resident animals. They love seeing new faces!


Another perk of winter is that the crisp days provide for some cosy time by the fireplace, sipping on a steaming lavender drinking chocolate. This warming beverage is the star of the season in our tearoom, and will only be available for the winter months. We have an array of other teas and lavender treats to enjoy as well. And our honey tasting will still be open for those still wanting a taste of summer.


Our farm shop is always open for those looking to seek refuge from bad weather and try out our beautifully-made lavender products.


Some of our favourite activities that can be enjoyed every season:


Browsing the farm shop

Testing our hand-made products

Honey tasting

Garden games

Lavender Scavenger

Farm animals

Lavender ice cream

Lavender tea in the tearoom

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