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Autumn's Warmth at the Farm

highland cow among autumn colours at wanaka lavender farm

Here at the Wānaka Lavender Farm, each season brings a beauty of its own and we embrace every colour transition and temperature change.

At the beginning of autumn, the remaining purple rows of lavender stand before trees of varying stages of their cycle. The farm is bursting with life, and nature is showing off all her colours.

autumn in Wānaka: lavender farm

Although the lavender has usually ended its bloom by the time autumn is in full swing, there are other stars shining through this season. With the leaves turning from the fresh summery green to a mix of brilliant reds, oranges and yellows, it makes for a lovely time to visit the farm. Eventually, the falling leaves end up creating a wonderful, crunchy, colourful blanket on the ground.

Our dazzling Dahlias in the flower garden stick around a little longer than other fauna, and so do some our much-loved sunflowers. Giant games are ready to be played by all. And our resident animals look forward to greeting guests every day of the year.

autumn garden full of flowers

Not to mention, our tearoom and farm shop are still selling our wonderful lavender treats and products. Here, you can experience summer's bounty by testing out the lavender essential oils and creams, having a taste of our delicious honey and sitting down with a calming lavender tea. The blue skies, crisp air and sunset colours create a cosy setting in our tea garden.

Autumn in Wānaka usually occurs from March to May. Feel free to take a look at this page for more information on what's going on during the different seasons!

Whatever the weather, Wānaka Lavender Farm is open and ready to greet you and show you the wonders of nature.

autumn leaves and orange trees


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