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Work in Progress: New Additions To The Farm

Exciting things are happening at Wānaka Lavender Farm! Over the winter we have kickstarted a few projects, some big and some small but all essential for the progress of our beloved farm.

Project #1 - Whimsical Garden

The part of the farm that we're concentrating on right now has been transformed on multiple occasions, most recently from a rose garden to a sunflower patch. But the team has decided that it's time for it to become a more permanent, breath-taking and interactive feature.

blueprint of new whimsical garden

Our idea is to make something whimsical that will look beautiful in bloom and be a fun area for our guests to enjoy all year round. Local parents with children will have an extensive new area to discover, and out-of-town visitors will have more ground to wander through and marvel at.

It will take some hard work, a lot of love and a good amount of time to bring our vision to life. We teamed up with Lori from Lorien Anna Landscape Design, previously a grounds keeper at the farm, for a brainstorming session and Lori then came up with a landscaping plan for the area. Our aim is to have the whimsical garden completed this spring, so that it is ready for the public to enjoy in summer 2022/23.

Project #2 - Steel Men

In the spirit of creating new features, Tim is also excited about something he is developing with Gordon from Twizel.

Our brilliant distilling area has been on display at the farm for over a year now. And guests who visit can have a look at where the magic of lavender oil extraction happens. However, we wanted to add a personal touch to this area to explain the process of harvesting and distilling a little better.

Keep your eyes open for the addition of a trio of steel men at work in this area to help tell our story.

Project #3 - Handmade Wooden Signs

Another project we are just finishing up is creating direction signs for around the farm.

Our lavender farm has grown substantially since we first opened and it's time we had some additional signage to help people know which way is what! Stef and Tim are at the forefront of this project and are making good progress.

Hopefully this little touch will make the guest experience better for all.

Project #4 - Get Jove to Wānaka

For a while, we were figuring out where we could find a friendly highland cow to join Kristen, our other resident highland cow. This breed is hard to come by on this side of the world, and a lot of thought had to go into locating and transporting this gentle giant.

We are so excited to announce that Jove the highland cow has now joined the team at the Wānaka Lavender Farm. Kristen is extremely happy to have a friend again, and Jove is settling in well.

Don't hesitate to come over and say hi to our new curious buddy... you might even find him in a playful mood!

At Wānaka Lavender Farm, we are constantly coming up with new ideas, innovation and developments that are both visible and invisible. The goal, always, is to have the guest's best interest at heart, and to make our piece of land a fun, beautiful, safe, progressive place to visit.

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