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Our Tearoom Treats

Lavender Tea & Scone

Our guests love sitting down in our tearoom and garden to unwind, enjoy a hot beverage and a sweet treat, no matter the time of year.

In the colder months, when the fields of lavender are asleep until spring, there are plenty of other reasons to visit the farm. Not only do we still have our gardens open for guests to wander through, and our resident animals to feed, we also pride ourselves on our wee tearoom experience.

When the chill has set in and the urge for a hot drink strikes, we have you covered. Here are some reasons to visit the Wānaka Lavender Farm tearoom:

  • Whether you’re an avid tea drinker or not, we think we’ll have something you’ll love! Of course, the star of the selection is our lavender tea but we have many other fantastic flavours to choose from; including a unique tea and coffee blend, for those who’d rather not completely ditch their favourite aromatic beverage.

  • Not to mention, we have a luscious drinking chocolate available throughout winter. This heavenly drink is very popular with the little ones, but it’s not just the children we aim to please with this one. With it’s creamy texture and rich flavours, topped with salt and our signature lavender flowers, it will make any chocolate lover sigh in contentment.

Lavender hot drinking chocolate

  • At the Wānaka Lavender Farm, we enjoy making people happy. And one of the things we’ve found that makes people smile is drinking their tea from fancy china cups, complete with a saucer and a teapot to match.

  • The atmosphere in the tearoom is beyond cozy when the fire is roaring and our mouth-watering drinking chocolate is brewing. It’s not hard to let yourself relax and let go of your worries when surrounded by the calming colour of purple, and the soothing lavender aroma.

  • Treats, treats and more treats. We adore offering a selection of treats to complement our teas here at the farm. From lavender shortbread cookies to lavender and blueberry muffins*, we love seeing guests sit down and dig in. Our current favourites are our lavender and earl grey macarons, lovingly made by local baking company, White Rabbit. And, even through the winter season, we still serve our popular ice creams for the people who would prefer those icy treats.

lakes honey tasting, staff trying out one of our local honeys in the tearoom

  • If you're looking for even more sweetness, then we have the honey tasting area ready for you to enjoy. This is a great opportunity to experience what lavender honey tastes like, courtesy of the bees in our lavender fields. We also have other unique honey flavours from the local area in our Lakes Honey range.

  • The final reason to come and experience the Wānaka Lavender Farm tearoom is that there is only one open doorway separating it from our farm shop. Meaning you can browse our lovely lavender products whilst you're here.

So, next time you’re in Wānaka and feel like having a cozy moment, pop in to say hello and indulge in our tearoom treats - we would love to welcome you.

*subject to availability. Our treat selection may change from week to week.

Lavender Ice Cream

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