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Our New Enchanting Fairy Forest

a fairy house in a tree, wanaka

The children of Wānaka have been busy over the past few weeks partaking in a fairy house competition. We asked the wee ones attending Riverside Educare, Holy Family Catholic School and WanaExcel Education Hub to create the best fairy houses imaginable, so that we can put them on display in our wooded area here at Wānaka Lavender Farm.

The turnout was fantastic and a big round of applause goes to all participants! The amount of love, hard work and creativity that went into this project is clear to see.

wanaka children creating fairy houses at school

We love the concentration of the WanaExcel pupils seen here, determined to add those special touches to their glittery fairy houses.

A special mention goes to Riverside Educare who won the overall competition! Their building looks grand and is accompanied by a lot of extra components which makes it seem like a tiny little village all on its own.

Our farm will be lucky enough to host one of the cutest fairy forests in all the land...

October is likely to be the best month to see this exciting new space, whilst the Daffodils and Tulips are flowering (and possibly a couple of weeks in late September and early November).

Please note that our fairy forest was seasonal and is now closed, we are looking to make the area a permanent garden in the future.

tulips blooming at wanaka lavender farm


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