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Lavender Oil: Which One Should I Use?

variety of lavender oils to use

At the Wānaka Lavender Farm, we make a variety of lavender oil and blends. And we want to help you choose the right one for your needs.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to see the options and try to figure out which one to go for. Let us clarify the differences, and show the best uses of each one.

100% Pure Essential Oil

All four varieties of our very own lavender essential oils are great for diffusing. You'll get a sweet fragrance dispersing through the home, and a tranquil atmosphere which can calm the mind. The main decision when it comes to buying lavender pure essential oil is, which one smells the best?! This comes down to personal preference. Grosso and Super are floral and subtle yet strong in smell, we like to call them "classically lavender". Whereas Pacific Blue and Violent Intrigue have a sweeter and cleaner aroma.

If you're looking to get the best out of lavender's calming properties, there are a few ways to utilise the essential oil for sleeping. Bathing in it is highly recommended, and any of the four varieties that we distil can be used here. A hot bath with a few drops of lavender oil mixed in can feel divine on your skin, and may relax your body and soothe the mind. For a more direct application, you can apply lavender oil under your nose and on your pulse points. Doing this, or dropping some onto your pillow before bed, can aid you to sleep.

lavender essential oil on display at wanaka lavender farm

Lavender essential oils are also used by some to help the skin heal. It can soothe spots and pimples, athlete’s foot, insect bites and stings, minor cuts and burns. You can apply a little (a drop or two) undiluted, but it's recommended to mix it with a carrier oil. This will make it safer to apply bigger amounts directly on the skin, and a small bottle will last longer. Again, any of the four pure lavender essential oils that we offer can be used for this.

Aside from differences in their physical appearance and unique aromas, some lavender oils can be used as a flavour in food. Yum! The family of lavender named Lavandula Angustifolia, also known as English Lavender, is safe to ingest*. So our Pacific Blue oil and Violet Intrigue oil of this variety are the perfect ones to have on hand in the kitchen. At Wānaka Lavender Farm, we sell our highly-anticipated lavender ice creams that are infused with Pacific Blue. The edible lavender oils also taste delicious in our chocolates and truffles, and seasonal lavender cakes.

*following the correct guidelines, do not use too much.

edible lavender oil being added to cake mixture

Lavender & Almond Oil

Many use our luscious Lavender & Almond Oil on their face, after washing. The lavender in the blend can help lessen any spots or scarring (e.g. from acne). Whilst the almond oil can even out blotches or dark circles under the eyes.

Almond oil has been known to be beneficial for those with skin issues such as eczema or sunburns. It is a gentle oil and is good at balancing one’s complexion.

lavender oil with almond on skin

Lavender Massage Oil

Our Massage Oil is made up of lavender, almond, bergamot and chamomile oils, crafted to be the ultimate stress-reducing mixture. It has been formulated to help loosen up tight muscles, whilst also moisturising the skin. This oil would be the perfect product to use after a strenuous activity or a busy day.

For a back massage, foot massage, or a facial, you will surely feel our Massage Oil working its magic. And, it is appropriate for all skin types.

Lavender Baby Massage Oil

Wānaka Lavender Farm’s gentle baby oil was made with tiny humans in mind.

Though it contains a mix of lavender and almond oils, it is a more diluted version than the adult's. This is because lavender’s calming properties can be strong for little ones, so less potency is needed for it to take effect. It can work wonderfully to encourage sleep and soothe skin for those 6 months and over.

Please note that it is not recommended to use lavender oil on babies under 6 months. Check with a medical professional before applying therapeutic oils to your wee one.

lavender oil massage into baby feet

In addition to the mentioned oils here, we also handmake bath oil, beard oil, rollers and facial serum. You can find more information on these on our website, or in the Wānaka Lavender Farm store.

If you're still unsure about what lavender oil you need, please don’t hesitate to send us a message, or ask one of our friendly staff in the shop. We are more than happy to answer any questions and help recommend the right lavender product for you.

With any oil, it’s best to try out a small amount before applying more to ensure you don’t have any allergic reactions.


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