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Experience the Farm with Friends

three friends sit in a row of lavender at the farm

Our activity-filled farm at the edge of Wānaka town is the perfect place to step away from the stress of every day life and soak in nature with your peers. Whether you're keeping it small by visiting with your bestest friend or bringing the whole gang, you're sure to have a laugh at Wānaka Lavender Farm.

So, what can you expect as a friendship group visiting the farm?

Explore the flowering flora

Appreciate nature's beauty together as a group. You'll see different blooms and trees dropping fruits depending on the season, which we think is pretty cool. Can you challenge your peers to identify these flourishing flora? This may be an exciting opportunity to learn more about lavender and other flowers, and if there is anything you're not sure of, you can always ask our lovely staff in the shop when you pass through at the end of your walk.

Say "hey!" to the animals

There are some cheeky residents to meet at the farm, and no matter your friendship group's age, they'll surely charm your socks off. The animals are there to put a smile on your face and liven up your day. You may pass gleeful goats craving pets, snorting pigs snoozing in their pen, ditzy donkeys and shameless Shetland ponies, at-ease alpacas watching the world go by, shaggy highland cows looking majestic or chilled out chickens meandering the farm themselves.

two friends interact with the animals at wanaka lavender farm, girl pets lamb

Giant games galore

Get competitive or keep it mellow with our range of outside games. Come rain or shine, this is an opportunity to connect with each other and let loose. We have giant games dotted around the 20 acres to keep your walk interesting and fun. So as you take in your surroundings and meander the gardens, step away from smelling the flowers for a moment to bring out your inner child!

Capture the moment

Friends often visit our farm when they are meeting up in Wānaka or enjoying a road trip together, and what better way to remember the day than to pose for some pictures in the gardens? There are endless opportunities for fab photos in different areas of the farm. There's no reason to be shy, let your imagination run wild and get creative with your shots.

lavender farm with friends, things to do in wanaka on a roadtrip, group of friends posing in lavender farm

Sample handmade lavender products

The farm shop is a paradise for the senses. Your friendship group will walk into the shop as soon as you arrive and be greeted by the sweet lavender aroma. From smoothing on luxurious hand creams, comparing the different lavender essential oils, smelling aromatic skincare blends to choosing a souvenir magnet or tea towel, there is something for everyone to sample.

Share the treats

There are plenty of flavours to indulge in with your friends in our cosy tearoom... even better, on a sunny day feel free to sit on the grass outside to savour our tasty treats and warm sunshine. Be blown away by our unique colour-changing tea and share some lavender-infused chocolates, ice creams or cookies! (Alternatively, get one of everything each and muse about how delightful it all is, after all, it's had to share things that taste so good).

Move on to the honey station and find out if you all have different preferences or share the same favourite honey from our selection.

We'll be here to welcome you any time of year if you want to experience the lavender farm with friends!


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