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Colours of the Rainbow

double rainbow above lavender field at wanaka lavender farm

When the flowers at Wānaka Lavender Farm are in full bloom, they proudly show off their vivid colours under the warming rays of the sun. It's safe to say that toward the end of summer is one of our favourite times here at the farm, as the variety of flora create a breathtaking scene against full-bodied trees, bright blue skies and bold mountain ranges.

Lavender is not the only star on our farm, popular plants such as Lilies, Poppies, Hydrangeas and Dahlias take centre stage at this time of year. The blossoming flower garden can be seen from the tea garden and tearoom, for those who want to enjoy a treat with a view. However, to best take in the true beauty of these flowers, a meander through the farm's gardens is suggested.


Crisp and perfectly spherical, Dahlias are a stunning addition to any garden. Dahlias look their best through summer and autumn, making them one of our longest blooming flowers. The fuchsia, oranges and yellows add a burst of summery sunset colours that stand out from the crowd.


Our bountiful Hydrangeas grow from mid-summer through to mid-autumn. The unusual deep blue and purple petals always show off for the cameras when they appear, and they make a great addition to our bouquets and dried arrangements.


"What kind of Lilies are those? And what do you do to them?!"

These are the most common questions asked when people feast their eyes on our marvelous Lilies. The plants grow to be around 160cm in height on average in their peak season, which means they stand taller than many guests who stand beside them. We measures the tallest one which had grown to 210cm! The baby pink of some of these impressive Lilies add a lovely pastel tone to the garden, softening the image and bringing it all together.

giant pink lillies in wanaka garden

There are many more unsung heroes growing in the garden and around Wānaka Lavender Farm that make the farm aesthetically beautiful, as well as giving off a delicious floral aroma, to our guests' delight. Daisies, Hollyhock, Baby's Breath, Coneflowers, Agapanthus and Chrysanthemums are just a handful of other flora we have.

And we wouldn't want to forget to mention the herbs in Mum's Herb Garden either. Here, blooming Thyme, Artichoke, Bergamot and Dill compliment and add colour to the fresh greenery of the other herbs and hops.

We are so lucky to have naturally nourishing soil and agreeable weather for radiant plants to grow and grace us with their presence! If you're looking to see gardens and a variety of flowers in Wānaka, come for a walk in spring, summer or autumn to get the best of the blooms at the farm.

flowers in Wānaka - half circle rows of lavender


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