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Colourful Personalities of Lavender

different types of lavender in front of the purple door at wanaka lavender farm

Lavender is a globally-admired plant, and it's easy to see why; they're aesthetically pleasing, smell amazing, and can be used in a variety of ways. There are over 450 types of the plant, and it's this diversity that allows us to really appreciate and show off lavender and their colourful personalities at the Wānaka Lavender Farm.

Lavender flowers’ colours can range from purple to white to pink, blue to grey to red. And their foliage can be light green, moss green, gray-green or even silver!

As well as their looks, lavender's aromas can also vary and that can help identify what type they are/what family they belong to. From herbal and subtle to sweet and pungent, some have a classically lavender fragrance whilst others are a little more unique. Walking through a row of these beautiful flowers is a dream for the senses (you can take our word on that!).

At Wānaka Lavender Farm, we have over 30 different types of lavender in our gardens. Most of those are grown for their beauty. However, 4 of our favourite varieties are grown in larger quantities and harvested at the end of the season for the production of essential oils, and for use in our products.

Super and Grosso come under the family name Lavandula x Intermedia and their oils are a popular choice among our guests. Pacific Blue and Violet Intrigue are Lavandula Angustifolia, sometimes referred to as "True Lavender". These two yield less oil per plant than Super and Grosso, but produce a delicious culinary oil.

Most of our Lavender varieties are in bloom in Summer, with some flowering in Spring and Autumn too. If you have the opportunity, it’s great to visit during different seasons to see what is in bloom and how they change over the months.

Don’t forget to take in all that lavender has to offer whilst you are out meandering through our fields, and come back through the farm shop to compare the scent of the fresh flowers outside to the oils collected through our distillation process.

different types of lavender in a field: lollipop, midnight velvet, midnight blue

Lavender is so much more than a pretty plant, and the way you can use it is endless. It can be enjoyed by our guests through trying our luscious lavender skincare products in the shop or tasting the lavender honey, ice cream and treats in the tearoom - yum!


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