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A Day at the Farm: Through a Child's Eyes

children in a lavender field, wanaka, new zealand

Wānaka Lavender Farm hosts a range of delightful activities for children of all ages. We love to welcome toddlers that are still finding their feet, young ones going through their inquisitive phase, school-aged kids keen on learning about the world around them and teens who may act like they are too old to let their inner child out but actually delight in the simplicity of being care-free.

It may seem like your simple lavender farm with a shop full of pretty floral products from the outside looking in, but when little ones are unleashed at the farm, they have an array of areas to explore and - time permitting - all day to enjoy the adventure.

Ever wondered what the Wānaka Lavender Farm experience may look like through a child's eyes? We'll try and sum it up here...

Sensory delight

As soon as you walk into the farm building the smell of the lavender bunches hanging overhead hits the nose. As you make your way excitedly through the doors into the farm, you are free to head to the nearest half-circle rows of lavender that offers up an incredible fragrance throughout summer. Flowers, animals, products, honey, teas, treats - take your pick of what to take a whiff of around the farm!

young girl smelling the roses at wanaka lavender farm

The sound of the buzzing bees as they collect nectar from the lavender is something you don't hear every day. There are thousands of these gentle creatures roaming around so the collective whisper of their wings is something beautiful to encounter.

Whilst skipping through the long rows of lavender flowers, you may let your hands graze the flowers, connecting with nature at the fingertips. And on the way back through the shop, you can lay on some lavender hand cream and feel the silkiness that the lavender oil contained within provides.

two girls running through wanaka lavender farm with hands outstretched above the lavender flowers

The lavender fields are a sight to behold when in full bloom and the other areas of the farm offer breathtaking views, too. Checking out the animal residents is a highlight, and reading the signs along the way means you learn a little as you go.

Possibly one of the most enticing parts of the farm is indulging in nature's bounty at the tearoom. The Lakes Honey Tasting Station is a must-stop for a taste of the farm's florally sweet honey. You might also end up lucky enough to try some of the other lavender goodies available such as a succulent shortbread cookie, mouth-watering macaron, and inviting ice cream (in three different flavours!).

Precious family time

As a child, family days out are always a treat, especially when visiting somewhere with plenty to see and do. At Wānaka Lavender Farm, we strive to make the farm an extraordinary place for all ages to feel included. An hour or two here is enough to create special moments with friends and family, whether on holiday or not.

Walk around holding hands with parents, discover new flora and fauna with nan and grandpa, ask questions, be playful with the giant games, sit down in the grass and eat ice cream with a sibling... it's the perfect place for bonding time.

things to do in new zealand: family walk through the herb garden at wanaka lavender farm, blooming hops trellis in the background

Fun and games

See if you can find how many games there are dotted around the whole farm. From giant jenga to connect four, they make for a good time with just a touch of competitiveness thrown in (no tears though, please! It's all in the name of fun!).

Designed to be explored by little legs, the farm offers endless possibilities for kids with big imaginations. Stroll through the whimsical garden, run through the rows, and don't be shy when curiosity takes over; open the door, sit on the tractor and discover new heights.

Learning through nature

A fantastic benefit of having an environment filled with natural activities from plants, the birds, and the bees is that it makes for a great educational day out. Kids will be intrigued and will no doubt have questions along the way. An interactive way of learning is noticing the lavender growing in the garden and ending up in the shop/tearoom as bunches, oil, products and food. It's seeing the bees meandering from flower to hive and then tasting the honey that they crafted. It's doing some light reading in the tearoom whilst taking a breather with an ice cream or tasty tea.

Wānaka Lavender Farm is the perfect place for kiddos to immerse themselves. When asked what their favourite thing about the farm was, three little ones answered like this:

"The purple tractor! I got to sit on it!"

"The animals - I just love animals and I couldn't pick a favourite, I love them all."

"Running around the labrynth with my friends was super fun. I didn't know there was one here!"


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