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Support the mind, body and spirit and add an essential oil roller into your daily wellness routine. The calming power of lavender is blended nicely with bergamot and lemon essential oils in our release worry roller, to stimulate a peaceful and focussed environment, and refresh your senses. The soothing rose quartz gemstone embodies a gentle energy of unconditional love, joy and warmth, and paired with the essential oils and the user's personal mindset can help support the heart, improve well-being and promote emotional healing.


Simply apply directly onto the desired area and massage in if needed e.g. roll on temples or forehead. Roll into cupped hands to breathe in the aromatherapy benefits.




“I let go of my worries - my mind is peaceful and focused.”

Release Worry Roller 10ml


Jojoba Oil, Bergamot, Lemon & Lavender Essential Oils

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