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Indulge in the simple luxury of our refreshing and relaxing Lavender Water Spray. Hydrosols, often referred to as ‘flower waters’ are created through the process of steam passing through the flowers, which picks up the floral fragrance of the flower. Our Lavender Water Spray has a soft subtle scent, much less concentrated than essential oils but with similar therapeutic and calming properties. The lavender water fragrance has an extremely relaxing natural aroma, is great for cooling and soothing irritated skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce redness. Hydrosols can be used multiple times a day, as they are very gentle and can be applied directly to the skin.


Use to spritz your face and body to keep it nourished and hydrated or as a light body perfume. Freshen up your linen, or spray as an air freshener in any room.

Lavender Water Spray 200ml


Distilled Lavender Water, Lavender Essential Oil

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