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Pacific Blue is Lavandula Angustifolia, also known as True Lavender.


Pacific Blue is a light, sweet smelling lavender that’s fresh and herbaceous. This essential oil is a favourite at our farm as we use it in delicious sweet treats such as our Lavender Chocolate Bars or Lavender-Infused Ice Creams. This culinary oil can be added to desserts, jams and sauces.


Lavender oil is believed to be the most beloved and versatile of all essential oils. Long loved for its light, fresh, floral scent, and renowned for soothing the emotions and senses. This sweet and wonderful all-round essential oil is gentle on the skin and full of antibacterial benefits. The different varieties of Lavender Essential Oil at the Wānaka Lavender Farm may be used for similar purposes (with the exception of the culinary oils) each offering their own distinctive aroma.


Lavender is one of few essential oils that can be applied to the skin in undiluted form. Provided there is no allergic reaction after a skin test, it can be used for spots and pimples, cuts, insect bites/stings, bathing and minor burns. Or use diluted for perfume, massage, muscular cramps, stretch marks, rashes, abrasions and bruising. Enjoy the wide range of aromatherapy and healing benefits of Lavender Essential Oil, and the calming and tranquil aroma that will help you to relax.


Our lavender oils are extracted on-site from our freshly harvested flowers through steam distillation.

Lavender Pure Essential Oil (100% Pacific Blue)

PriceFrom $28.00

Pacific Blue Essential Oil (Angustifolia)



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