Babies & Lavender


Babies need time to settle down after birth; the best way to comfort baby is with gentle massage using unperfumed olive oil. When baby is over three months old,* gently massage with a specially prepared baby massage oil (lavender, chamomile and almond). It is very good for babies well-being. Children and babies require smaller amounts and much weaker dilutions of lavender oil as compared to adults. This particularly applies to babies up to one year old. Put a sufficient quantity into the hollow of your hand and rub your palm to bring oil to body temperature.


Fretfulness; Massage the feet both at the same time then bathe

Colic; Massage the abdomen gently a few times a week.

Nappy Rash; Massage the affected area, avoiding the genitals

*We recommend checking with your doctor before applying therapeutic oils to your baby.  Not for internal consumption.



  • Lavender & Chamomile Essential Oils, Almond Oil