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Our Lavender In Wānaka's Food And Drinks

Lavender is a great herb to use in meals, desserts and even drinks as it easily compliments so many other ingredients. That's why at the farm, we are always experimenting with it and seeing what new treats we can incorporate it in. But did you know that our farm-grown lavender is part of Wānaka's food and drink scene, and can be found in some delicious treats around town?

Here are some collaborations we are proud to have going with some local businesses:

Cocktail at Alchemy

sour gin, lavender-infused honey, blackberry and lemon

This cocktail is perfect for unwinding at a beautifully designed lounge-type restaurant and bar. It's a light gin beverage with subtle floral tones, topped with a delicious egg-white froth. As you can see, some of our staff loved it!

Where to find: Alchemy café, 151 Ardmore Street, Wānaka

Lavender and Lemon Posset at Hāwea Hotel

lavender and lemon infused cream with raspberry coulis and shortbread

This posset is a must-try! A delectable creamy dessert that's sweet and tangy with a hint of lavender flavour. This is a great new addition to the Summer menu at the Hāwea Hotel, having replaced a delicious lavender crème brûlée.

Where to find: Hāwea Hotel, 1 Capell Avenue, Lake Hāwea

Blossomed Gin by Rifters

gin distilled with lavender, lemon verbena, chamomile, elderflower and gorse flowers

A gin that remind us of summer days, clean and floral in flavour. A lot of love has gone into making this high quality gin at Rifters. We love it and would recommend trying such a unique and refreshing beverage.

Where to find: available online for a limited time only -

Lavender Chocolate Bar by Wānaka Chocolate Company

lavender-infused milk chocolate

This mouth-watering, silky milk chocolate bar is always a hit at the farm! It makes a perfect treat to indulge in if you're curious about the delicate taste of lavender.

Where to find: i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, 103 Ardmore Street, Wānaka, at Wānaka Lavender Farm, 36 Morris Road, Wānaka and online at

lavender milk chocolate bar

PURE New Zealand Ice Cream

lavender & manuka honey ice cream

lavender & chocolate ice cream

lavender & boysenberry sorbet

The most popular of all our lavender treats, these lavender-infused ice creams are the highlight of our tearoom - through all four seasons. The lavender is easy to pick out in all flavours yet it's not too strong that it's overpowering.

Where to find? Wānaka Lavender Farm, 36 Morris Road, Wānaka