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Our Lavender Beard Oil was formulated with an appreciation for wonderful beards and healthy skin. With healthy skin, comes a healthy beard. The gentle and aromatic blend of essential oils provide calming, skin-softening, vitamin E boosting and anti-aging properties that sink in and protect the skin, leaving your beard truly soft and manageable. Apply Lavender Beard Oil while your skin is still warm and damp from a recent shower, as the pores are open the oil will work itself into the skin to rejuvenate. Simply rub 3-10 drops (depending on the length of your beard) between your hands to even to distribution, and work the oil into your skin, and onto your beard. Make sure you don’t neglect the moustache area.

Lavender Beard Oil 30ml


Apricot Oil, Ho Wood, Lavender & Sandalwood Essential Oils

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