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Our Team's Favourites

staff favourite lavender product: oil roller being applied to hand for anxiety and calming

Have you ever wondered what products from our beautiful lavender collection the staff members of Wānaka Lavender Farm just can't live without?

At the farm, we often get asked what our personal favourites are and why. It can be a difficult question as we all indulge in our lavender products and many of us enjoy using more than one at home. Nonetheless, we have managed to have a think about it and create this list of "staff picks".

To start off, Tim’s top pick is the Gardener’s Hand Cream. He explains that he appreciates the manuka and tea tree oil smell that comes through in this hand cream, and their healing properties are also helpful for a gardener such as himself. Tim uses the hand cream at home, more so during colder weather to keep his hands moisturised against the dry winters.

Gilly had a hard time deciding on a favourite as she regularly uses a few of the products we make and loves them all! Between the Lavender & Almond Oil, Lavender Sleep Balm and Lavender & Rosemary Massage Cream, Gilly ultimately chose the massage cream as her top pick. Rosemary’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties are perfect to help soreness, so Gilly applies our massage cream to her neck and back just before going to sleep to feel it take some of her aches away.

What is noteworthy about the fact that Gilly has many favourite creations is that she is our Production Supervisor. Which means that she lovingly makes all of the products that end up on the shelf!

Rebecca's pick from the Wānaka Lavender Farm range is the Lavender Sleep Balm. She applies the sleep balm every night and swears by it. When applied to the temples and under the nose, this lavender salve starts working its lulling wonders on Rebecca, making it easier for her to fall into a deeper slumber.

Many of our visitors and loyal customers will agree with Rebecca on this one!

The top choice, and a no-brainer for Stef, is one of our Lakes Honey. Stef enjoys the full-bodied flavour of the Kamahi Honey throughout the year, mainly using it as a spread on toast for breakfast! He says it reminds him of walking through the beautiful, native Kamahi forests in different areas of the South Island.

The Bath Oil is one of Emma’s favourite products from the Wānaka Lavender Farm shop. Formulated to help relax your muscles and soothe your skin, a few drops of this oil will luxuriate your bath, as Emma can attest to. She loves how velvety her skin feels after using, and how lovely the aroma is.

Emma has a keen interest in skincare and is very passionate about the production of our lovely lavender collection. Though she spends most of the time in the shop conversing with customers, you will sometimes find her in the back with Gilly making our creams, balms, teas and treats.

Jessica had trouble choosing just one item, so she went with two from our skincare range - the Lavender Facial Serum and the Lavender & Rosehip Night Cream. These luscious lavender products compliment each other well and are Jessica’s go-to products to help protect her skin from the day's weather and activities, and keep her face feeling smooth and hydrated. She uses the Night Cream in the mornings as she feels it is a good, light, cream to have on throughout the day. Then, Jessica uses the facial serum in the evening before bed time.

Miriam’s top pick is the Lavender Foot Cream. Blended with peppermint, rosemary, comfrey and calendula, this minty lotion's main job is to soften skin and bring moisture back to dry and cracked areas. Miriam uses this on her feet in the evenings which makes them silky smooth. And she can even feel the calming effects of the lavender working its magic on her body after its use.

Jessie's favourite product out of all is our Lavender Lip Balm. Though there are a lot of lip balms to choose from in the world, Jessie has found that this one smells amazing and soothes dry lips, which is especially important over the winter season.

Jessie is the youngest of the team, she fits in well with the rest of the front of house ladies and we adore that she has gotten straight into using our creations.

Bria decided to go for two top picks as she couldn't choose a favourite out of all of the lavender products she uses from day to day. Bria noted that the Harmony Roller is useful to her when practising mindfulness and yoga. She rolls the oils on her palms and breathes in the sweet aromas to help centre herself and to help her body relax.

Bria also has the Lavender Water on hand in her bathroom to refresh the space - a great plan.

We think it's wonderful that everyone at the farm likes to incorporate lavender into their everyday lives. Some products are so popular that most of the staff use them religiously e.g. the Lavender Sleep Balm, Lavender Facial Serum, Lavender & Rosemary Massage Cream and Gardener's Hand Cream.


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